on my radar: denim blues

The era of super skinny jeans is finally coming to a close.  Not to say that I was not part of the whole craze, but something can be said for loose fitting, boot-cut jeans.  I've always been a fan of boot-cut denim, and I am happy to find that ... they're ba-aaaack!

These are from the Seven for All Mankind brand, which I have loved even before kid #2 was born.  In fact, I just re-arranged my closet and found several pairs that have not seen the light of day for a while now.  Something about pre-natal and post-partum fat accumulation.

And, because I like to push the envelope, I am finding myself drawn to the 70's flare.  On of my more recent acquisitions is the Dojo Trouser.  Love!

The flared bottoms go perfectly with these babies from Zara:

someone has shopping on her mind...
... ah, life!


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