making the switch to a new favorite

Week #34
of our 2011 Project 52*
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)
This month's theme is...water!

I take my chocolate syrup with a splash of coffee and soy milk.  At the start of my coffee journey, I only needed a small cup, but as of late, nothing less than a Venti size would work for me.  I loved every single drop.  So much so, that when I decided to switch to a healthier lifestyle, this was the last thing I could give up.

Don't get me wrong.  I agree that coffee has its benefits.  My problem was that I could not take it without the mocha/chocolate fix.  And, that's where the jiggles/love handles came from.

16 weeks without coffee.  It was not easy.  It is still not easy. A whiff of the perfectly blended mocha from my local coffee shop still affects me.  I know that if I take a sip I would go back to my daily Venti concoction.

How did I let go?  I started with going down to the next smaller size.  I sipped that baby down to the last drop.

Then, I tried to do the skinny mocha.  Honey, who was I kidding?  Plus the sugar-free syrup just did not agree with me.

I went down to the smallest size available, and switched to a version with less fat - the latte.  It wasn't the same.

Since I could not have my soy mocha, then I had to find an alternative.  Enter the shaken black iced tea from the same store.  It was totally different, and I loved it.

The good part was that I could re-create it on my own with ingredients available from any grocery.

black or breakfast blend black tea
8 oz hot water
4 oz cold water
cubed ice
2 packets of splenda or truvia

It is about 1/3 the calories of a soy mocha.  I still get my caffeine fix in the morning, and the iced version works for the warmer summer months.

It's cheap at less than $1 for at least 30 oz. or more.  But going back to the photography project of the week...

I snapped these pictures as I lounged in our backyard reading the latest from my author of the week.

I wanted to capture the condensation on my mason jar/iced tea container of choice.  I love watching the process take place as I add ice to a warm beverage.  That, and watching our pup Friday do his daily 400 meter relay on our backyard.

Just thought I'd share.

Happy weekend, folks!  If you haven't joined our $100 gift card giveaway courtesy of Dreyers - you can join here.  You can't say we didn't tell ya!


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bridgetstraub.com said...

I am so addicted to Vanilla Blendeds it's sick. Sadly at $4.90 I can no longer afford them. Not a day goes by that I don't want one though and it's been over a month! sob...

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