a tough act to follow

I am planning a baby shower for my other brother-in-law, Izzy, and his wife, Viv.  I've broken down the whole event based on the recent shower we attended for my other brother-in-law, Tim, and his wife, Claire.

First off, having a "theme" would be good, right.  In one of my conversations with Izzy, he mentioned that they were looking at yellow and grey for their nursery.  A-ha moment!  Perfect colors for a baby shower!
So, here's the invite my friend Linders created (which by the way will be mailed this weekend, folks).
(OK, so in the middle of that nice round thingy with the words "a baby shower" will be a small stick-on grey elephant.)

Since we are asking people drive out to the boonies, we figured that we might as well give them a par-tay they will enjoy.  In all seriousness, because we love babies in this family, and because Iz and Viv have been part of many of our celebrations, we wanted to make sure that we honor this milestone with them.   (read as: Lease found another excuse to buy nice linen paper, tons of colored tissue, and move furniture around the house).

Here are some of the major items I have marked as needed for the baby shower:

1.  the cake

I'm looking for something simple and classy in off-white, yellow and light grey fondant.
Red velvet and chocolate cake, please.
Of course, we need to tap into our fondant cake expert, SugarBliss.

Claire's was made of pink and dove grey fondant.

2. the food stations

Cheese platter and wine?
tea cakes and petit fours?
dessert/candy bar - small cookies with grey and yellow sugar icing, lemon cupcakes.
lemonade stand?

Claire had an assortment of pink and grey candies for her "candy bar"...

3. party favors

Something to symbolize new life and growth?  Maybe a small plant/seedlings?
Claire picked botanical papers (seeds embedded in paper).

4. the decor

I am thinking floral arrangements using peonies in small rectanguar glass vases and mason jars.  A little bit rustic.

This was Claire's centerpiece...

We will need about 30 or so of these fluffy tissue flower balls in various sizes and colors (white, yellow and grey).

I really liked these ceramic birds, I just don't know how to tie it all in.

The bar has been set, and we will need all the help we can get.


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