a small town celebration, 2011 edition

Week #27
of our 2011 Project 52*
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)
This month's theme is...colors!

Every year for the last 3 years, the Hunk and I take our kiddos to the community park, put our picnic blanket on a spot with a nice view of the sky, and watch the fireworks (of the pyrotechnic kind).

This year - the organizers of the event dubbed it an old fashioned fireworks display.  We expected something low key and simple.

When you go in with low expectations, it is difficult to be disappointed.

We were actually pleased with the whole show, which was maybe 5 minutes shorter than last year's, but shone as bright as previous years.


The colors, shapes and sizes did not disappoint at all.

What we love most of all is the feeling of community knowing we were among neighbors and visiting friends alike.  It was all very mellow and laid back.

We all gave an emphatic round of applause after the display.

It was good to know that our leadership put our property taxes to good use elsewhere, but also that they came up with a show that left us feeling proud of our community.

Amidst the ooohhhs and aaaahhhhs, the display of colors and shapes was the perfect end to a very much needed long weekend...


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