signed, sealed, and delivered

More like printed, cut, assembled and mailed, if you have to be technical about it.
This, regarding the invites, I mean.

Let's see...we printed our design on on 85 lb linen cardstock.

Cut each 8 x 11 page into 4 pieces.
Trimmed the edges.  Rounded off, actually.

Our 8 year old expert crafter placed little elephant cut outs on each card using teeny-tiny glue dots.

Each card was inspected by a meticulous 28-year old mama, while trying to make sure the crew members stuck to their tasks at hand.  They were, um, easily distracted.  It runs in the family.
Hey, look!  a shiny, sparkly object...

The envelopes were sealed by our very own Hunky Hunk of Burning Love (and other things).  I promise you we used plain ole tap water to seal the deal...

Stamps were affixed by our rambunctious 4 year old.  So, if yours was a little askew.... Just remember he did it with love...

After the assembly, the invites were dropped off at our local post office, and were set forth into the world.

And, so it has begun...


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