how does your garden grow?

We've been planting since late fall last year, and as we've reported back here, we've had a bumper crop of snap peas, and early summer fruit.  We've planted more in early spring and have begun to see the results of our efforts.

here's what's blooming in our summer garden...

our dwarf meyer lemon tree is bursting with flowers...

Yes, Rhonda, we are growing corn!  Right in our backyard.  A science experiment of sorts.  We're actually excited that our plant is thriving after being harassed by the neighborhood bunny.  Corn and mango salsa in our not so distant future...

We're also growing tomatoes in all shapes and sizes.  Looking forward to some roasted tomato caprese salad in the next few weeks.

We also have a new crop of strawberries.  Harvested together with our blackberries, we are looking forward to some mixed berry ice cream.

...and, of course, we have mint for mommy's elixir for tired souls (aka mojitos).


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F said...

sounds like a well-rounded dinner & cocktails! congratulations on your summer harvest!

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