Week #22
of our 2011 Project 52*
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)
This month's theme is...simple!


I love how these pictures turned out.  Clean, simple lines without a lot of visual clutter.  These were taken with our Canon Xsi Digital Rebel and our favorite lens du jour - 35mm f/2.0.


I took some time off from my Mommy duties this past weekend, and stayed overnight in San Francisco to be with my high school friends.  Sometimes one just needs time away... to recharge... to regain one's bearings.

After spending some quality time with family earlier in the day, the Hunk and the kiddos dropped me off at the Marriot Marquis in downtown San Francisco.  Since our reunion dinner was not scheduled until later that evening, I had a good part of the afternoon and evening to myself.  My roommate, F, was still in Napa with the girls for some wine tasting.

I think the hotel room decor epitomized what I was looking forward to  - a simple, clean, relaxing atmosphere where I can just relax and breathe.

Of course, first things first.  I had to swipe some anti-bac gel on the remote and other frequently used surfaces.  Just keeping it real here.  I figured once I got that out of the way - it would facilitate relaxation faster.

And, then I was off to inspect the beds...

Nice clean soft sheets.  I had 4 pillows all to myself...

Then, I realized that I didn't bring any water and snacks with me, so I headed out to the hotel lobby to see what was available in the coffee shop.  The mini bar prices were astronomical and the coffee shop ones were not too far behind.

Hey, is that I what think it is?  A Starbucks inside the hotel?  Now we're talking!  Oh wait, I gave up coffee since Monday...

After deciding to hold true to my coffee-less life, I decided on a nice Venti Shaken Black Iced tea.  Unfortunately, the hotel prices were way too high to support.  It made me venture out of the hotel to a Starbucks coffeeshop around the corner, where I was able to buy a Trenta Shaken Black Iced tea for $2 less than the prices quoted at the Starbucks at my hotel.  In fact, I could have bought both a Trenta and a Venti Shaken Black Iced tea for the hotel price of a Trenta.  

I stayed at that corner Starbucks for a little bit sipping my tea and just watching people walk by to the theaters or on to the Metreon.  Aimless watching, and I loved every minute of it. 

When people-watching got boring, I went back to my hotel and enjoyed some peace and quiet for the remainder of the afternoon.  I channel surfed (because I could), and read my favorite magazines, copies of which I made sure to include in my overnight bag.

Before long, F arrived and some of our high school friends slowly trickled into the room for some long-overdue hellos before we prepared for dinner.

I missed the Hunk and my babies.
I missed Friday.
But this outing was for me.

Happy weekend, everyone!


p.s. I'll tell you about our wonderful dinner next week...

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Anonymous said...

I'm SOOOO happy you enjoyed your mini staycation! It was fun staying up and chit chatting, sharing Spanx stories (LOL!) and simply relaxing. I can't wait to see your photos from dinner!

Your roomie,

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