keeping summer simple

Week #25
of our 2011 Project 52*
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)
This month's theme is...simple!


2010 was a traveling year for us.  Seattle in Spring, Maui in the summer, New York in autumn.  This year, we are keeping it local and within California.  [OK so maybe when we visit Tahoe, we might cross a border]

We've visited the farmer's markets in the last few weeks, and found that we'd like to take it a bit further this summer by doing our own fruit-picking.

Farm to table.  Literally.

We kicked off the summer with a visit to a ... cherry farm!

There were plenty of trees to choose from.  Plenty.

We walked, and walked, and walked, until we found the right trees with the sweetest fruit within reaching distance of the kids.

We selected the ripest, sweetest, darkest fruit from the branches.  There's nothing like fruit that ripens on the branch of a tree.  

We brought along our own little basket so that the kids could transport their stash to the bigger container provided by the farm.

As you can see, we got a few too many.  I think we consumed 12 lbs in less than a week.

It was a fun-filled afternoon with the kids.  Simple, clean fun away from televisions and computers.
Yeah, we're keeping it simple this year.


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