the road less traveled

On a nice spring morning I took a few steps towards my 2011 resolution of living a healthier lifestyle (read as: less sedentary).  I made sure to walk before I ran.  So to speak.

I took part in a local 5k "fun run" with the Hunk and our 2 kiddos.  No pressure to finish in professional level time, but just to get the feel of what 5k was.  I mentioned in previous posts that the endeavor was better than I had imagined.  I didn't pass out or anything like that.

We enjoyed the sights and sounds around us, instead of trying to get in front of the rest of the folks.

A few scenes from the registration area and starting line.  The kiddos spent time skipping rocks while we waited for the event to start.

Just for fun, I used the timer provided by the sponsors.  I never did check how long our leisurely walk took.  Maybe someday.

Benches from the road less travelled...

And, this is the view from those benches....

It was a long way from the starting line, and mid-way to our car.  We had no choice but to move on and try to reach the finish line...

... on the other side of the river.

Here's to the next level.  Whatever or wherever that may be...


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