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We discovered a new cupcake place in Napa over the weekend on our way to a lunch with family.
The people behind Sift Cupcakes won the Food Network's Cupcake Wars (Season Two).  But I did not need to know this fact because they had me at "chocolate cake with..."

top row [left to right]: 1 All for the Cookie, 1 The Samoa, 1 Key Lime, 1 The Sky is Falling
middle row [left to right]: 2 Pink Champagne, 2 Snickerdoodle,
bottom row [left to right]: 2 Limonatta, 2 Ooh lala (red velvet)

This is the Key lime.  It had a graham crust and just the right amount of tartiness to it.

This pink baby is the Pink Champagne...Raspberry cake with champagne frosting - labelled as the Food Network Winner.  I liked it.

This is All for the Cookie.  Cookies and Cream frosting, baby!

In the interest of research and so that all the judges could get a taste of the cupcakes, we divided each cupcake into 4...  This also gives you, dear reader, a chance to see what's in each cake.

After sampling each cupcake, the judges discussed which ones they loved.

The voting results -

First place: Key Lime & Snickerdoodle
Second place: Limonatta
Third: All for the Cookie

But everyone was unanimous that the Red Velvet was a piece that you had to add to your order. Can't go home without it.

They also have a nice selection of nice sized french macaroons and whoopie pies.  The junior judges liked this snickerdoodle whoopie pie best.

Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar


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