vintage-inspired jewelry

My most treasured possessions include jewelry my Mom gave me when I was growing up and hand-me-downs from my Godmother.  This will explain my inclination towards vintage (style) jewelry.  

I received this bracelet last Christmas, and I will say that the giver was spot on in selecting this piece for me.  It captures what I like in jewelry.

Classic clean lines.
White metal.

Vintage-inspired.  Looks like something from Grandma's treasure chest.
Every detail speaks of a glorious past.

The clasp.
I remember that my Mom has a similar bracelet except that hers is in 18k yellow gold.

So elegant with just the right amount of bling.
Nothing too loud.  Old money.

Totally wearable with jeans and a dressy top.
This will also go with the LBD and a ruffley cardigan.

The best thing of all? This is costume jewelry!  It feels and looks like the real thing, but I can wear it without fear of losing it (although with that clasp it stays in place).

From Banana Republic.

In case you have a jewelry emergency.


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