fire truck cookies

Yes, I tried to pass these off as my own creations.
It lasted a good while until I had to answer some or all of the following questions:

what is the base cookie made of?

how did you get the red icing to stay and not go over the edge?

how did you make the perfect #4?

At this point, I had to fess up and let everyone know that I ... ehem ... ordered these from Etsy.

Our youngest son is so enamored with firetrucks, cars and trains.  Our house is filled to the brim with Thomas the tank engine, and when I saw these babies on Etsy - I had to place an order.

These were just what the birthday boy asked for and more.  It did not hurt that the cookie was delicious in every respect.  And, yes, those #4s were "oh, so perfect" it made me difficult to maintain my little white lie.  

In case you are in the market for these goodies, here is her Etsy link:


Beth worked with me for another batch of trains in just the right color combination.  I was so happy with my orders that I thought to pass on her info.


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