celebrating typos

Ah, typos.  The bane of my existence.

Seventy to ninety percent of my work (you know, the one that pays the mortgage and supports my Starbucks affliction) involves what can be characterized as "ghost writing."  I typically edit other people's work to make sure that the proper wording is included and the idea(s) expressed clearly.  At some point during the day or week, it can get tiring and sloppy especially after a major carb binge.  I make it a point to hold off sending out the edited version until the next day, or at least until I've had the chance to review the work once or twice.  Just for good measure.  History is replete with examples of writing gone awry.  Words gone wild, late night edition.

But hey, I'm only human, and this blog is my escape from that life.  Which means that while I try to get the idea out to you guys, there is a distinct possibility that I occasionally fail to review a post as much as I'd like before it is published.  Life happens, I get caught up in the living, and forget to edit the piece.  The story of my life.  

My argument is this - If I were to remain true to my humanity, my fallibility, if you will, then I should celebrate every little typo you can find on this blog.  It symbolizes the triumph of my right brain over my left.  The singing of my soul unhampered by my Type A personality.  My promise to myself that this blog is and will continue to be the celebration of all the not-so little things that make up my life.  Typos and all.

Not to say there are days when I cringe (understatement) at the thought and sight of a major typo published for all the world to see.  I fear that I will be judged for that missed subject and verb agreement.  The extra letters, missing words, things I'd rather forget.  But you know, it's all part of this crazy life.  So, if you chance upon a typo here and there, don't hate, and instead, appreciate.   It simply means that I am living my life and focusing on other equally important things and peeps.  And most likely, working on 20 million other things at the same time.  

And, I have to say this - the typos are by no means a measure of your value to me as a reader.  You are loved and appreciated.  Regardless of the number of typos you see here. 


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