at The Door

My in-laws celebrated their wedding anniversary recently and SIL Viv suggested this Asian fusion restaurant in Walnut Creek.  I almost did not make it, as I was feeling overtired and cranky that day and did not see myself traveling away from our place in the boonies to civilized Walnut Creek.  The Hunk persuaded me, and being the dutiful and obedient wife that I am, I acquiesced. My digestive system was happier for it.

I loved the ambiance of The Door.
Bold colors. Interesting Asian-inspired artwork.
Dark wood against red brick.

The appetizers were soooooooo good.
Ahi tuna with deep fried won ton.
Lettuce wraps.

I promise you there were more interesting entrees.
Like: Eggplant Adobo.
Special request garlic noodles.
The tenderest juiciest rib-eye over buttery mashed potatoes
Chicken satay with a home-made peanut sauce
Mongolian beef.
Except that I lost all interest in photography when my Pavlovian response to good food took over.
So there will be no pictures of these items.   So sorry.
You have to trust me when I say that every dish I sampled was worth recommending to friends.

When I finally recovered from my Pavlovian response to the food, and peristalsis was in full cycle, I was able to focus on capturing this beauty:

You will see from the next set of shots that I have fully recovered, and then some.

In the interest of fair reporting, I had to make sure that this awesome flour-less chocolate creation was well documented for all of you dear friends.

All in the interest of research.
For posterity.
All for you, of course.

In case you are scouting for a great place for that family dinner in Walnut Creek.

The Door


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