spring blossoms

Week  #12

(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)

For 2011, our photography projects will be based on a monthly theme.  This month's theme is... what else? Spring!

Truth be told, I love this time of the year.  Except that 2011 is stormier than 2010, and mother nature has unleashed rain, hail and gusts of wind not typical for the spring months.

It's so gloomy when trees shed their leaves and it's grey everywhere.  So much so that we welcome the transition from the harsh winter cold to the milder spring climate, California style.

Temperate.  Cool sunny days.  Chilly nights.
If only we can get with spring sooner than later.

When the trees start sprouting these flowers, we know spring is here to stay.  And with the time change, we have been able to walk our boy Friday before sunset.

We walk around the park and take in the blooms that have made their way out from tree limbs.

When the trees are full of these small flowers and there is a strong gust of wind, the kids love the spray of white petals as they walk under the trees.

Looking forward to exploring more happy trails and seeing more spring blossoms.


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