screaming for ice cream

Baby, it's cold outside.
It's been raining for days.  The buckets I left out in our backyard are full.
Our sprinklers have been on "rain delay"for more than a month now.

That being said, we jumped at the opportunity to have lunch at our favorite ice cream place - Fenton's.

I've dedicated a post or two about Fenton's and I think there is nothing left to add.  Instead, let me share you several really really really good reasons we take every available opportunity to visit the place.

Giant scoops of rocky road, vanilla and strawberry ice cream.  Texas would be proud.

Fresh whipped cream, walnuts, and strawberry syrup.

And, enough hot fudge syrup that they need an extra plate to hold everything in.

This is the "junior" version of the banana split.

Be warned, this is a really good size - good for 2 ice cream loving adults and 2 ice cream mad kids.  We look forward to the next Fenton's round, even in this cold transition to spring.


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