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I was not able to publish my usual Monday post.  My Type A personality was screaming mad, but the rest of me (most specially the aching parts) refused to listen.  The pain won over the obsessive bits.  Pain can do that to you.

In preparation for a birthday party for our youngest child, I spent the greater part of my weekend (which started on Friday) doing the following extenuating circumstances:

- mowing the front lawn - lest the guests think that our house has been abandoned. for years. no kidding
- moving our backyard - let's just say that the Type A personality took over
- beheading, de-veining and shelling about 100 pieces of shrimp
- wrapping said headless, de-veined and shelled shrimp in won ton wrappers
- obsessing about where to put the buffet table
- obsessing about how to arrange the meat dishes vs. dessert vs. noodle/fried rice
- trying to decide whether to use brown vs. blue table covers
- wondering if I "prepared" (read as "ordered") enough food
- obsessing about whether the guest rooms had clean linens
- praying that our new Puppy Friday would not bully the kids

And for the record, I also wanted to clean all our windows, but at some point, the Hunk just stopped listening and went off to some other part of the house and ignored me for the rest of the day.

Then, of course, on the day of the event, I decided I wanted to make cheese sticks in addition to the shrimp appetizers.  I also had the inclination for cheese artichoke and olive dip.

Thank God for sisters by affinity!

I do not think the Hunk and I could have pulled it all off without the help of his family.

The guests started arriving.  My favorite moment was when one little girl in the cutest purple dress looked up at me and said, "I'm wearing heels."  Giggle.  A second later the heels are discarded and she is running around the house with her new friends.  More giggles.

While we waited for the other guests to arrive, we served these appetizers.   So easy to make and the kids loved these.  I'll share the recipe with you later this week.

What's a birthday without a cake?  Of course, we had to have a Thomas the Train cake.  The birthday boy selected the design himself!

Also at the request of the birthday boy, we handed out these fire truck cookies to the guests - kids and adults alike.

In the end, it was all worth it.  The smiles, the squeals, and just the sight of the kids enjoying themselves made it all worth while. Having a really good commercial grade dishwasher also helped considering that we used real plates instead of plastic/paper ones.  Wanting to be eco-friendly and all that.

I'll share all my resources and recipes in the coming days.


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