celebrate. good times.

How does one celebrate the new 20?

Are women of a certain age are past certain things?  Balloons, for example? Yes?  No?
I say Yes to these balloons.  Definitely gave more than color to the occasion.  Added whimsy to an otherwise serious (?) event.

The wine bar our dear friend F chose to celebrate her momentous milestone had a clean, modern vibe that spoke to me.  Called my name.  Badgered me with a desire to redesign our living room in bold red colors.

I loved everything.  The red leather couches, the modern coffee tables.  Everything.  Including the plants.

Speaking of plants, as you will see, I spent the greater part of the evening just admiring this specimen.  I must have taken more than 30 pictures of it.  I want a similar one for our coffee table at home.

In between bites of chicken, meatballs, and oh-so-scrumptious cheese, the Hunk and I looked back at the last 20 years.  We've known F for a long time.  We shared a lot of milestones with her and would not miss this one for anything.  Also, because the celebration involved wine and cheese.  Lots of cheese.

The wine list inlcuded a moscato that I loved (must have consumed a whole bottle just by myself).  I was so touched when we found out that F thought of us when she selected the moscato.  Touched, I tell ya. And, then I ordered another glass of it just for good measure.  To capture its essence, its sweet fruity aroma, just in case it goes out of production.

One of the highlights of the evening included  F opening and sharing her presents with her guests.  My favorite?  There's nothing like receiving personalized drink ware telling the birthday girl that we love everything about her. Every little bit.  Specially the birthday bits.

Cheese and wine with friends.
Friends with cheese and wine.
Wine with friends and cheese.
Good times.

Dearest F,

We look forward to the next 40.  Hope you had a great one, and thanks for sharing the moment with us.

Lease and the Hunk

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Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for celebrating with the birthday bits! I'm glad you and The Hunk enjoyed the evening. There was a moment when I stopped and looked around to revel in the smiling faces (due to the wines, I'm sure) around me. Family and best, closest friends... the source of my courage and soul. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate four decades existence.


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