sunny side up, please.

I work in the behavioral science field, and this typically includes listening to people gripe about their work life.  Most days I can pretty much take everything in stride.  But, let's face it, there are days when it just plain gets to me.  When it does, I have take a moment to block the negative vibe emanating from the person, and remind myself to stay positive.

Each one of us has our own little way of dealing with a toxic day.  I talked about this in previous blog posts. Sometimes I bake, sometimes I knit, and lately I have found that indulging in purely creative endeavors using Photoshop helps me a lot.  A whole lot.

And, in that moment of creation sprang forth the idea of creating (not-so) little reminders to stay positive. I liked creating little postcards that I could print out for myself to remind me to see beyond the negative.

Hence, here is the first of the Sunny Side Up series...

Because I love and appreciate all of you, I will be sharing these reminders with you.  If any of these babies speak to you, feel free to download.  Gratis.

Stay positive.
Keep the Sunny Side Up!


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