peace of mind

Week #8
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)

For 2011, our photography projects will be based on a monthly theme.  This month's theme is immeasurable.
Peace of mind.

Another immeasurable.  Difficult to quantify, difficult to explain.  I do have "go-to" places that help trigger this blissful state.  The sandy beaches of Maui and the blue waters of Lake Tahoe are a few that I can mention.  I gravitate towards bodies of water and wide open spaces to relax.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I find myself drawn to the ocean on a regular basis.  We plan our vacations to include a side trip to the beach or the lake whenever possible.

One good thing about living in the boonies is that we are a few hours away from the bay.
More open areas.

More room to breathe.
Room to play skipping stones with the kids.

Room to just "be."

Room for peace of mind.

Have a relaxing weekend!


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