Week #6
of our 2011 Project 52*
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)

For 2011, our photography projects will be based on a monthly theme.  This month's theme is immeasurable.


When I was thinking about what other immeasurable there was, I thought about "hope."   I was struggling on how to bring the concept to life. Then I realized that the answer was right before me.

I don't know about you, but watching these seedlings grow just gives me hope.

Hoping for a bountiful beet harvest.  Even though I haven't the faintest idea what to do with beets.  Salads?

Hope for another bumper crop of cherry tomatoes.  At least I think those seedlings in the background (picture below) are  tomatoes.  I was so excited to plant the seeds that I, um... forgot to mark the rows.

Hope for tons of...okra.  Again, no clue how to cook it.  I do know one dish where I can throw it in.  Beyond that...it's all a mystery...

Hoping that these seedlings turn out to be the plants that I think they are.

Spring cannot come early enough.


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