ESPN decoded

Superbowl XLV is finally over.
Congratulations to the green and gold!
Is this a sign that all green and gold (yellow) teams will be winners this year?  (Go GS Warriors! Go Oakland A's!)

I digress.  Let's go back to the topic at hand.
The following conversation must have been prevalent in millions of households across the country yesterday.  Note:  Any similarities to persons living or dead are purely coincidental. [or not]  
Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  [or not so innocent]

Wife (from upstairs laundry room): Hey, can you help with the laundry?
Husband (from downstairs family room): Sure. I'll be right there.

15 minutes later...

Wife (passing by to place folded kitchen towels in the pantry): You need to put away the other folded items, OK?  [Wife washes and folds, and Husband puts the folded laundry away]
Husband: uh-huh...

another 15 minutes have lapsed... 

Wife: Hey, ....?
Husband: What the?!?! [grunt]
Wife: Excuse me?
Husband: Aw, come on! [even louder grunt]
WifeExcuse me?!?

Sound familiar?
A typical household conversation during baseball, football and basketball season.  

But since I got caught up in the recent baseball season (Go Giants!!!!!!!), I finally understood.

Too many channels and shows.
Sports Center
Pre-game shows
Pre- Pre-game shows
Highlights of the highlights
Recaps, Classics, Best moments, Top 100 
Cold Pizza
Hot Stove

To name a few...

Too much information on the television.
The screen is bursting with information.
The left sidebar with recent topics.  Cryptic.
The bottom of the screen with scores.
Below the scores you have scrolling bars with even more latest events.
All while the live broadcast is going on.
Blink and you miss a great shot.
Which by the way, you need to see 10 more times in the next 4-hour recap show, and the 2-hour end of day highlight show.  And then there's the highlights of the highlights...

No wonder there was no response.

Too much information => information overload => No response

The brain's synapses can only process so much information at one time?

I completely understand.  I can see clearly now the rain has passed.
After all, I was privy to it all during the past baseball season.
I watched the pre-game stuff, the live broadcast of the games, and all the post-game highlights of highlights. The replay of the live show, and the replay of the replay of the replay.

The laundry did not get done.
The house was a mess.
The kids were... somewhere?
But hey, the Giants won!
We didn't stop believin'!

No response? Check the telly.  It must be on ESPN.
All's fair in love and sports.


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Anonymous said...

Don't forget FOX sports and the Golf Channel, and the various golf tourneys (PGA, Masters, (fill in the blank) Invitational). Then there's Fantasy Sports...

I can only handle basketball and baseball. Home teams only, please.


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