winter to spring must-haves

I did some window shopping over the MLK weekend, and decided that my wardrobe could use some updating.  However, given the new addition to our family, my discretionary funds have been allotted towards puppy-related expenses.  But a lady can dream, plan, and dream some more, about new items for her "tired and faded" wardrobe.

If I had some extra moolah to spare, I would purchase this peasant blouse from my favorite online store (sundancecatalog.com):

But why stop with blue when this ivory version beckons?

Then, there is this lovely embroidered blouse.  I must be going through a "blue"phase.

Oooohh, the ivory one is nice, too.

I also "need" these wedge boots by Frye (6pm.com) to work with the skinny legging jeans I purchased over the Christmas holidays:

dark brown or medium brown?   major dilemma.

Speaking of skinny legging jeans - gap.com has a lighter weight version that should be wearable through summer.

Then, if there is some leftover cash, I'd like to complete my outfit with these items (also from sundancecatalog.com):

As you can see things can easily get out of hand.
So, I will stop here because Friday needs his puppy shots and nylabone toys.


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