Upcycled gift cards

It used to be that the day after Christmas meant a trip out to the local mall to purchase gift tags (and holiday decor) at 50-75% off.  The stores were practically giving things away for free.  And, free is very very enticing.

A few years back I started a new post-holiday tradition that involved a pair of scissors and all the Christmas cards we received.  New gift tags from old Christmas cards.  Free and great for planet earth.

After we've read through the little notes and well wishes for the coming year, I put in some elbow grease and cut out the front part of the cards (typically where the designs are located).  During lazy years I would just cut the cards in half along the fold and store the unmarked half in a zip lock bag.

The not-so lazy years would mean that I would bring out my collection of edgers and cut out actual gift cards from the unmarked part of the cards.

Out with the old, and in with the new.  So to speak.

I now have a whole deck of gift tags!  Something for you to consider if you have not thrown out/recycled the cards you received this past holiday.


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