puppy starter kit

I will admit to not being 100% prepared for a new puppy.
Life never really prepares you for events like these.
All we knew was that we were in love with Friday and had to welcome him into our home.

Of course, a new puppy means potty and crate training.  We were able to purchase a crate before Friday arrived, but except for a few hand me down towels and used cloth diapers, we were really without the proper puppy starter kit.

Thanks heavens for my sister-in-law and her dog wisdom - she gifted us with the core supplies we needed, that we didn't even think that we needed at all.  Godmother Viv gave Friday stain/urine sprays, a nice brush from cousin Zeus, a place mat, and toys.  Friday is one lucky pup.

I noticed that Friday loved to bring his toys to an old fleece blanket we had laid down on the floor for him to sleep in.  I was going to order a small dog bed from Amazon.com when Godmother Linders showed up one day with the cutest dog bed in just the right size for Friday.  Lucky and blessed, this pup is.

To complete the kit, off I went to Petco and later Amazon.com to purchase the rest of the supplies.  Here are a few that I purchased (with the environment in mind):
I hated having to use disposable pads, but found one which is made is recyclable materials.  I am hoping that in a few weeks (when we complete his puppy shots), Friday can "you-know-what" in the back yard. (Petco stores and Amazon.com).  [If you know one that's biodegradable - please leave a note in the comment section on where I can find those. Tnx]
A teething puppy needs something to chew on, which hopefully does not involve a piece of furniture. We got him a teething nylabone, but also have tons of rawhide for him.  (Petco and amazon.com)
I love this Bac-out and Stain remover from Bio-kleen.  Pee scent is banished from the crate liners.

I swear by this shampoo.  Friday's fur is so soft and tangle-free.  No artificial scents, yet he doesn't smell like the inquisitive and adventurous pup that he is. (Melaleuca.com)
I had wanted plastic toys that were both made of recycled materials and are themselves recyclable.  Found!  (Amazon.com)

Oh, and based on a quick survey I did with friends, we give Friday a combination of puppy food from the following brands:

Here's the short list:

pee pads (until the pup completes his shots)
a few old towels to (line the crate and for bathing)
toys (rawhide, nylabone, yard)
pet shampoo
puppy food
puppy treats
urine/stain sprays


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