the long road to Friday

Over the last 18 months or so, we have seriously been considering adding to our family.  Yes, babies.  But, of the canine kind.  The Hunk and I know what kind of breed we wanted, but were not too sure about whether the puppy would work with children under 12.  Or, that the 2 kids would would with the puppy.

We pondered.
We researched.
We had meet and greets with other dog owners and enthusiasts.

Along the way we met Benton.  We loved his disposition - his happy go lucky attitude.  He was also laid back, and was just happy to watch people at the park

We met Moose and Bamboo.  Our dear friend Milesy's entourage.  Labradors, we learned, were really great with children.  So much warmth and love from this breed.
This is Bamboo wanting us to play with her in the yard.

We also considered Pinky, our friend Cristina's malti-poo.  Pinky was hypoallergenic and was the perfect lady.

Then, we have Zeus.  He is a member of our immediate family.  Zeus is a little more mature and laid back now at 2 years, but don't get me wrong, he has not lost one bit of the puppy in him.

Which brings us to....


We'll be seeing a lot more of Friday around here.


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