feeling the love

I don't see my side of the family that often.  It's something that I knew would happen when I decided to move to this continent.  Although I have some relatives in the US, most of them are either hundreds of miles away or in another state altogether.  So when I have the opportunity to visit relatives, I typically jump at the chance to do so.

Over the Christmas holiday, we spent some time with my Dad's side of the family in the wonderful city of Lost Wages.  I was happy to spend time with them.  Happy that my kids get to meet them and learn about my side of the family.  The hours flew by and I was blown away by the memories, the stories, and the generosity.

We had a fabulous dinner.  Spent time reminiscing and updating each other regarding our relatives.  I violated every diet rule possible - carbs, sugar, more carbs, butter, fat, even more butter and even more sugar.

To my surprise, they booked us a room at a nearby hotel so that we could meet up for breakfast the following day.

They even made sure that we had extra toiletries and slippers.  Everything was paid for.  Wow.

I loved the modern vibe of the room.   Interesting decor and colors.  My son loved the fact that there was a nice sized LED tv in front of the tub.  Every 4 year old's fantasy - watching Thomas the tank engine while taking a bath.

It's only been a little over a week since our reunion and I miss them already.  Hope they can visit our neck of the woods so that we can return the love.  Or maybe we'll find our way back to Vegas.


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