elements of style

What is your design style?
Mine has evolved through the years.

I love (and still do) the danish retro/modern style and pretty much everything from Scandinavian Designs or Room and Board.

Simple, clean (almost austere lines).  The less visual noise, the better.

Light colored wood, for the most part.

Then I had kids. Simple and clean are difficult to come by nowadays.  Like an oasis in the desert. so close, and yet, so far.

In the last decade, I have cycled through different color schemes.  I had my silvery blue phase, my burnt sienna episode, and now, I am into what I would call "browns."  I am on the tail end of this phase, and often find myself looking at color schemes to add to or replace our current motif.  Something about yellows...

For wall decor, I have framed limited edition posters from etsy, a few favorite photographs, and a bunch of other "stuff."

Since visiting Bali in the late 90's and hand-carrying wood carvings back to the States, I have developed an affinity for all things carved.  I recently got so enamored with this lotus wood carving from Viva Terra...

I just had to have these mango wood stools (also from Viva Terra)...

Along the way, this metal work of art called my name...(sorry, it is slightly warped because of the fish eye lens)

All in all our home reflects the different phases the Hunk and I have gone through, and I've been looking at adding some finishing touches to tie everything together.

I think it's time to consult an interior designer.  If only Candice Olson were a little bit more within my price range... Love, love, love her work!


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