a tale of three cities

Week #48

This post was inspired by a Facebook discussion with Ef and another dear high school friend, Lani.  Lani recently visited Seattle and commented that the city felt so much like San Francisco.

Seattle, WA 
visited March 2010

I added that to me it felt like Seattle was a younger sister, with many improvements to what had already existed in San Francisco.  Seattle was more upbeat, "up and coming" if you will.  San Francisco held her own with her unique blend of culture and openness.

San Francisco, CA

Having recently visited New York, I also said that it felt like San Francisco was the middle child to New York and Seattle.

New York was older, wiser, and very self-aware having been through so much more that her younger sisters Seattle, and San Francisco.

Brooklyn, NY
visited October 2010

Each city brings back a lot of happy poignant memories of friends and family.  And, the cuisine that tickled our palate.  (Of course I have to mention food...) If I ever doubted that we did not go out enough this year, these pictures remind me otherwise.

Looking forward to 2011,

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