holiday gift basket idea #2 - nice to have kitchen stuff

I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner.  It feels like it was just yesterday that we were making sure that the kiddos performed a song (or three) before they got to open their presents.  Yes, we made them work (helps prevent a sense of entitlement, if you will). Also makes for some entertainment on an otherwise dreary night.  Not.

Last week, I shared my eco-starter kit gift basket.  This week, we focus on kitchen accessories within the $50 price range.

For our White Elephant gift exchange a couple of Christmases ago, I assembled a kitchen gadget "basket" from Crate and Barrel (except for the mini galvanized tin can which came from Cost Plus). I picked items that were nice to have and typically those that we would not get for ourselves because it seemed to frivolous.

The actual items and colors I picked are no longer available on the C&B website, but here is a good representation of the goodies in my "basket."

kitchen towels

silicone spreader, spoon and funnel

"spoonula" and this cute oven mitt (my 3 year old loves this as a "toy")

small metal can with cover (reminds me of Oscar the grouch) 

I put all the goodies into the metal can and added a nice shiny bow.  That's it!  Total came to just under $40.  You can opt to add a few more items depending on your budget - a silicone brownie baking pan and silicone covered wire whisk would also be lovely.  Or, better yet, throw in a 2011 Firemen calendar from your local bookstore.  Not entirely within the "kitchen" theme, but would look nice in any kitchen.

There you go...another gift suggestion for your secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange.  It is entirely possible that the ladies in the house will nuke it out for this one.  I surely would, if only to get that calendar...


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