holiday gift basket idea #1 - a "green" starter kit

Truth be told, I once gave out toilet cleaners and dishwashing soap for Christmas.

Several years ago, I solidified my resolve to go "green" and use only environmentally-friendly household products.  Back then, there were not a lot of companies with eco-friendly products, and whatever supplies we found were not really available in the mainstream markets.

Continuing with my decision, I decided to create starter kits for our immediate family and gave away "gift baskets" for Christmas.  Our gifts served the purpose of introducing basic items one would need to enter a world that would be kinder and gentler to the environment.  I didn't really go out and buy new baskets - I used the boxes that the products came in.  I cut the boxes in half and covered those with sheets of catalogs we were receiving back then.  I wrapped the half boxes with cellophane and tied ribbon from past Christmases.

 Our gift basket included:

1 box of 8 CFL bulbs (60 watt equivalent per bulb).  I got my supplies from Costco.
1 25 oz bottle liquid dishwashing soap  - Seventh Generation
1 32 oz bottle laundry liquid - Seventh Generation
1 32 oz bottle all purpose cleaner - Seventh Generation
1 32 oz bottle toilet bowl cleaner - Seventh Generation
3 microfiber cloths - purchased in bulk off eBay
3 pop up sponges - from Trader Joe's
1 reusable canvas bag

DII Natural Canvas Grocery Bag, Set of 3

There are a lot of brands out there and you don't have to stick with the ones I've included in this post.  WholeFoods, Trader Joes and Costco all have eco-friendly products at decent prices.  Even local supermarkets now carry these (and other) brands.  Each item above was $6-8, so your basket will be under $40!

Have fun assembling your baskets! I'm sure the recipients will think of you each time they use your gift, which by the way, will last a good number of months.

These would be perfect as a "family" gift or as part of a secret santa gift exchange.

Thank you for your kind consideration.  (Hee-hee.)


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