chocolate bread pudding

I need to talk to you about ... chocolate.

You know that I recently spent a considerable amount of time talking about the merits of having chocolate flan cake in your life.  So when my sister-in-law brought dessert out after our main Thanksgiving entree` was done, it was the perfect end to a delicious and meticulously prepared dinner.

I am not familiar at all with bread pudding.  I will admit to not having tried it before.  But a foodie can't be a foodie without an open mind.  And, did I ever open my heart, mind and palate to these babies...

According to my SIL, the genius behind Creme Caramel LA just opened shop not too long ago.  In fact, my SIL was one of the first few orders.  The online store also carries creme caramel (french custard).   But we are not here about the custard (for now).

We're here because of the hot bread pudding...Oooh la la....

The beauty of it all is that you can choose to have just the original, chocolate or a combination of both puddings (you get 3 cups of each flavor or 6 cups of 1 flavor).  You then select the sauce(s) to go with your pudding -- creme anglaise, chocolate, or salted caramel.  I believe you get 2 flavors with a standard order of 6 cups.

These babies will arrive in little foil cups, which you place in the oven for several minutes.  Then, you take them out of the cups, place the babies onto your serving platter and drizzle the sauces over the pudding.

the pièce de résistance....

You do have to refrigerate the package once you get them in the mail.  But trust me, these babies will not last long on the serving plate.

In fact, your guests might have to go back to the tin foil cups just to be sure that everything was served.  You would not want a good thing to go to waste.

Here is the website in case you are in the market for these decadent desserts:

Creme Caramel LA

My favorite? The chocolate pudding, of course.  Something for you, your family, or that holiday get-together.

Your food enthusiast,

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Kristine said...

I just ran across this!! Thanks so much for the lovely post and the beautiful pictures!!

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