under the Northern California skies

Week #45
of Project 52

We purchased adirondack chairs for our backyard towards the end of summer.  The Hunk and I like sitting out there to take in the sun in the afternoons.  I shot these pictures a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to share our Northern California skies with you before the rains come in and stay for the next few months.

This is the view -

Makes you just want to slow down even for just a minute to take a deep breath...

And, exhale. Slowly.  Slowly.

Stay for a few more minutes...
Inhale, again. One long big gulp of air.

Slowly exhale.

Relaxed yet?

(If not, repeat from the first picture above.)

Because this is really about photography and photoshop projects...

I also realized that the pictures of the sky could also be used for photoshop projects to add another element of texture to photos.

A rose from our backyard - SOC or straight out of camera.

Here it is again adding one (or two) of the cloud photos above (soft overlay).

Have a relaxing weekend!

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