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Week #43

Onward with our photographic journey.  I was going over our pictures from our recent trip to New York, and realized that aside from our family photos, it is the random ones about every day life that I love most.

1.  Brooklyn Brownstones.  These remind me of Sesame Street.  I kept looking around for Oscar the Grouch to pop up.  Or, Mr. Aloysius Snuffleupagus to walk by.

2.  Twilight and trees.  Loved these tree-lined streets, also in Brooklyn.

3.  Food trucks and bar drinks --- New York style.  You gotta try street food once (or ten times) in your life.  Carpe diem and all that.

4.  Souvenir shops and parking meters.  That's where we spent most of our money.  Parking meters needed to be fed like there was no tomorrow.  Don't get me started on the parking garages...$15 for 3 hours.

5.  Dropping Bawls.  No need to explain this.

6.   Shopping destinations.  Saks Fifth Avenue.  I looked.  I went closer, but I did not shop.  Too tired.  Too poor.  Refer to Item 4 above.  Parking meters ate all my money.  The shops in SoHo (Item 7 below) are also to blame.

7.  SoHo.  More tree-lined streets.  Uniqlo and H&M on the same block.  Enough said. 

8. And, this.  The Bwookwyn Bwidge.  I must have 300 pictures of it from all angles.  Shared it many many times on this blog - I love bridges.  The symmetry, the engineering.  Love. 

Random pictures of all the little things that made up a truly memorable vacation!

Happy weekend folks!


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Kerri said...

I can totally relate to those first shots ... reminds me of Sesame Street too!

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