a perfect Long Island wedding

Weddings never fail to interest me.  And, move me to tears.  I can't recall a time when I was not affected by promises to love and honor.   I also love looking at the groom - to watch how nervous or excited (or hungover) they are.  Ah, the bride.  I think we will all agree that the wedding is her show.  Hers alone. For the record, all the brides I've seen were always glowing and were oh so fabulous on their wedding day.

So, when we were invited to the Hunk's cousin's wedding in Long Island, New York, we were excited.  More than excited, actually.  It was the perfect excuse to visit the east coast.  But having just taken a major trip this year to Maui, in addition to other small unexpected trips early in the year, we almost could not make it happen.  But the stars were shining upon us and we were able to put it all together.

I spent a good amount of time about our pre- and post- wedding activities in Manhattan.  Now, I need to tell you about the wedding.

The ceremony was simple and straightforward.  The lovely couple promised to cherish, honor (did I hear obey?).  They added some rituals that were relevant to each other.

What got me is that, in all its simplicity, it was all about family gathering around the couple to show support and to celebrate the new bond.

Cocktails at 5:30.  Sushi, smoked salmon, sliced steak and pork roulade, I was in heaven.  Don't tell - I must have consumed a whole platter of salmon.  There was also pasta, fruits and assorted cheeses.  Heaven, I tell 'ya.

People (my father-in-law included) kept buying me drinks.  Maybe because I get really mellow when I've had a few?

The decor was well coordinated --- from the flowers (beautiful!) down to the souvenir puzzle cookies (which the kids loved).

Everything was well thought out and execution was impeccable!

I thought that after some heavy appetizers I would not be able to eat dinner.  The program was designed so that there was just enough activity in between courses.  Introductions and speeches came first.  And, the newlyweds had their first dance.  By the time they served the first course (which was served at the right time- not too late or too early), we were ready for it.

Then, they opened the dance floor to the first set.  The music was well chosen, and the DJ definitely knew how to pace things and keep it interesting for everyone --- kids and adults alike.  The repertoire included Sinatra, Black-eyed peas and Lady Gaga.

By the time they cut the wedding cake, we were so into it.  Sliced wedding cake together with gelato was the perfect ending to the previous courses.

Then, dancing the night away helped burn it all off.  I had fun just watching my kids dance with their cousins.

To Joan and Kevin,

May your journey be filled with love and happiness.  
And, lots of babies.

Lease and the gang

p.s. that's my baby clapping enthusiastically for the newlyweds!  I wonder what he was thinking about.  Maybe he was happy because they had just cut the cake?

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