it takes practice

Week #44

For some people, photography is pure instinct.  For others, like me, it takes lots of practice getting the shot (no pun intended) right.  I have had to teach myself to stop and check my settings - ISO, my f/stop, etc.  I usually take a couple of test shots first to see if the settings I've chosen work. 

The initial shots help a lot.  I usually end up tweaking the settings a little - maybe adjusting the white balance and/or the ISO.  Experience has taught this, and I have tons of blue-hued or Marsian-heat type photos to show you. 

I tend to stay away from using the camera flash for additional lighting.  I like taking in the ambient light and just bumping up my ISO.  This photo below was taken with a 35mm f/2.0 without using the camera flash.

As you can see, I also usually practice with anything available on the table.  Salt shakers, candles, wine goblets.  I like obedient subjects.  These sit still, not like some 3 year old I can mention.  Or, wayward adults who have imbibed large quantities of... never mind.

Taking photos in different parts of a room can mean that you need to re-calibrate your settings.  As you will see moving from the dinner table to the bar area of the restaurant meant different lighting.   My white balance needed to be changed, and low lighting conditions also meant maybe a higher ISO.

Is it second nature now for me to check my settings?  Not there yet.  I do check how it looks after a few shots (when moving from one area of the room to another) and I often see the need to adjust settings.  In time, I hope it will be automatic.  

For now, I keep practicing.  Just like good wine, it can only get better with time.

Happy Weekend, folks!


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