her art

This is how my daughter sees me.

I love this because -

1.  I have long sleek black hair, not at all like the wavy tresses that I have been trying to tame with product for the last couple of decades.  Maybe she created this based on one of my good days.

2.  I am smiling and relaxed, which is maybe 10% of the day, after all the chores are completed.  Or, maybe after a glass of wine.  Sitting on the beach in Maui...

3.  I am wearing a dress, which is .01289% of the time in real life.  Also, that I look good in this dress the probability of which is around .000928%.  

4.  Most importantly, she made it for me.

This is how she sees herself.

In hyper-active mode.  Ready to conquer the world.  Being her usual chatty-friendly self.   Saying "Hi" to every person in the supermarket who smiles at her.

Playing with her cousin from Ohio.  It captures the spirit of kids their age.  Untouched by the hassles and stresses that grown-ups are plagued with.

Oh, to be a kid again.


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