giving thanks, 2010 edition

Almost every working day these past 10 months, I kept a gratitude journal and wrote at least 5 things I was grateful for.  Blessings.  People, events, and places that brought happiness to me (however fleeting or lasting).  Whenever work got too stressful, or if I happen to wake up feeling tired and cranky, I make myself read the entries from past months.  

Here are the top items on my list (in random order) - 

1. My Mom and/or Dad.  Grateful to have them at this point in my life.  Love them.  Thankful for the sound advice and the love.  Thankful that my kids are able to speak to them and tell them crazy stories about our life on this continent.

2. My children. The sound of their laughter is my instant stress relief.  Defines what really really matters.  They keep me grounded and on track, even though they also drive me nuts with their little tricks. Being able to spend time with them.  Reading side by side with my daughter.  Watching a movie.  Planning projects with them.  Playing cars with my son.  Goofing around.  Realizing that each one is his/her own person.  Wondering how the Hunk and I could have spawned such creatures.

3. three words spoken candidly and from the heart - I Love You.  Whether it be from the Hunk or from my kids.  Reminds me of what is important.  That no matter what, there is someone who knows who I am, and loves me still.  Diva and all.  Shoe collection and all.  All in all.

4.  Venti Soy Mocha, photography, and blogging.  My diversions.  Sipping hot mocha on a cold rainy day.  Writing about the mundane.   Photographing anything and everything.  These are the things I look forward to amidst the chaos.  Things I do for me, and myself alone.  And, hopefully this blog touches you, dear reader.  All 3 of you.  Including my 2 kids.

5.  Having the The Hunk in my life.  Solving problems.  Raising 2 kids.  Sharing a life.  Loving.  Even though ESPN1, 2 and 3 will eat up whatever quality time we have together.  Hey, just keeping it real here.

6.  Having a job I like in this recession.  Not just love, but actually like going back to, day in and day out.  All things considered.  Good days and bad days.  Even though there have been more bad than good lately.  It doesn't hurt that it also helps pay the mortgage and supports my gardening and Starbucks addiction.  

7.  Having really great friends.  F.  Miles. Chicken. Linders.  Each one is vital to my sanity and existence.  I love you, girlfriends.

8.  Being alive.  Living, breathing on this planet so that I can experience more of Items 1-7 above.

No matter how difficult, stressful or seemingly hopeless a situation is (or appears to be), there will always be at least 5 things one will be grateful for.    

Happy Thanksgiving!

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