10 things I love about...

Our (baby) girl.

One: She reads way above her grade level. Way above.  I say this not because I'm her Mama.  Her SRI scores say so.

Two: Despite her parents, she is a math wizard.  Once, I was helping her with homework, and found myself starting at the math problem for a few minutes trying to figure it all out.  My thought process was interrupted by, "It's OK Mom, I got it."  She did get it.  Long before Mommy did.

Three:  She is her father's daughter.  She has his patience and right brain.  (See Item 8 below)

Four: She's our little "Miss Independence."  Asked to sleep in her own room when she was 3 years old.  Mommy can't ever let go.  UC Berkeley or Davis, OK?  Nothing out of state, please.

Five: She has her own fashion sense.  Ever since she could express herself.  And, that was evident so early on.  Nothing too matchey, Mommy.

Six: Walking before she was one.  Speaking full sentences before she was two.  Writing her own newsletters before the age of 10.  Go figure.

Seven: Hello Kitty.  My Little Pony.  Spongebob.  Now? Greek mythology.

Eight: Has her own drawing style. For her birthday, she requested a Bamboo tablet and pen.  Who asks for that? I was ready to buy Ugg boots or a nice faux-fur coat.  Learning Adobe Photoshop Elements, too.  She's not even in her teens.

Nine: Knows almost every Beatles song and trivia by heart.  Known to beat adults at least twice her age at Beatles Rockband.  Just over lunch the other day, the Hunk asked her what Ringo Starr's real name is and who the Beatles drummer was before Ringo.  She got both answers correct in 5 seconds flat.  Geez, I did not even know there was a previous drummer or that Ringo was not his real name...B.I.N.G.O....

Ten: Thoughtful.  Insightful.  Sweet, and ever so witty. 

Thank you for teaching us about unconditional love every day.   

We love you to the moon and back.


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