We are back from our short vacation!  Nothing like the sights and sounds of home!

Before we left for New York, we wanted to buy french macaroons for relatives who were visiting.  We thought to quickly head over to the Bouchon Bakery in Yountville.

We have not been to Yountville in a couple of years, so we were pleasantly surprised to see some new and old buildings.

I love this Wells building.  Not typical architecture for a bank.  You almost want to order a mocha and a french brioche and sit outside to enjoy the view.  Except that they don't have outside tables, or brioches, for that matter.  They do have excellent customer service.

I don't recall this building a couple of years ago.  Something to try out next time we visit.  Nothing like wine tasting and art appreciation.

While I do recall seeing the post office, I do not recall seeing this monument.  Maybe I was too full from the champagne breakfast from the Villagio Inn and Spa. Or, maybe this was a recent addition?

I do recall a wonderful anniversary dinner at Hurley's.  If you are a carnivore like us, the steaks are so good.

I also recall another wonderful anniversary dinner at Bouchon.  Everything was perfect.  And, the food...heavenly.

The purpose of the quick visit was to buy macaroons from this bakery, and as usual, the lines were out the door.  I guess the secret is out.  The best macaroons on this side of California are at this little bakery.


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