wishing it were that simple...


I asked y'all what you thought, and you stepped up to the plate and cast your vote.  First off, thank you for taking the time to participate in this experiment.  I wish you all could be available to help make decisions like these in the future. 

The voters were very clear with their choices.  And, I agree with all of you.  Dress #1 was such a cute dress, simple and elegant.

 And yes, the soft gold was a good complement to the dress.

Before the voting closed, I ordered both dresses.  I tried both dresses on many, many times.  I wanted dress #1 to work out, I really did.

Surprisingly, against everyone's vote including my own, dress #2 actually fit better.  Dress #1, your favorite and mine, failed to hide what needed to be hidden.  Something about having a short torso...and muffins...and having had too many muffins in the not so distant past.

So, dear friends, this is the ensemble for the October wedding we are attending...

Plus a ruffly cardigan and 3 strands of pearls for accessories. 

Maybe I'll chicken out all together and just show up in my favorite slacks and cashmere sweater. 

Thanks for your inputs, those are well appreciated.  Wish me luck...


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