what's in your arsenal?

Show me a person's purse or wallet and I can tell you much about that person.  Something I heard way back in college.   I believe that there is some truth to this theory in our everyday lives.

In the interest of the social sciences, let us explore (cringe) my very own make-up bag.

Here are two recent acquisitions from the local WalMart.  I seem to buy these in complimentary shades.

Iced coffee and Dusty Rose by Rimmel. I use the lighter shade (Dusty Rose) as a base and add a layer of Iced Coffee.  Just like in life, coffee makes everything better for some of use.

From my favorite online make-up store (ELF), again purchased in two shades.  Rustic Brick (left) and my current go-to shade Prime Plum (right).  The shades are really neutral with a hint of color and I've bought these for friends and my sister.  It does not hurt that these are so reasonably priced.

More from my local WalMart, from theMaybelline line.  Totally Tofee (used as a base) and Crazy for Coffee (top layer). 

 Rustic Brick (ELF), Prime Plum (ELF), Iced Coffee (Rimmel), Dusty Rose (Rimmel), Totally Toffee (Maybelline) and Crazy for Coffee (Maybelline).   As you can see, the chocolatey shades are far more used than the others.

These are my back-ups in case of a lipstick emergency.  My all-time favorite is the one on the right from Origins Rain and Shine line (I don't know if they still carry this) - Chocolate cream.  I should have bought 10 of those when I had the chance!  I love the mint base of this line.   This is one of the more expensive ones in my arsenal, but it is a go-to and most likely the only one that I use a lot (as a base and color).

My complete stash.  I just add a touch of mineral veil powder from Base Escentuals and maybe some YSL mascara and I am out the door.

Did you detect recurring theme --- coffee/chocolate shades?

How about you?  What's in your make-up bag?


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