taking advantage of vista points

Week 42

I count myself lucky to have someone like the Hunk who can spot really good places to take the perfect shot.  I tell him my vision and he will take me to the best spot to capture it.  When he is otherwise pre-occupied (by things like the World Series [go SF GIANTS!] or anything on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3), I have learned that others ahead of me have already done the research, and I need to trust their judgment.

In California, we have what is called "vista points."  These are pre-designated areas for the perfect photo opportunity.  Wherever you go, you will see signs indicating that there is a "vista point" ahead.  That is my cue to set my camera and get ready to shoot.

When we were in Brooklyn, New York recently, I kept looking out for my "vista" signs.  I did not find any.  Instead, I discovered that whenever I found benches like these, it meant that there was a spectacular view just beyond.

These benches were at Columbia Heights in Brooklyn...

and, this is the view from this vantage point...

Brooklyn Bridge Park --- there was a nice little park where you could sit back and just admire this view...

This one is at Liberty View in Manhattan...

Lady Liberty was just right there...

More next week on the perfect Long Island wedding.

Happy weekend, folks!


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