the shake shack attack

When we were planning our trip to New York, the Hunk asked me if I wanted to dine at a fancy schmancy restaurant.  My answer?  Find me a decent cheeseburger place instead.

He did not have to do any research since his co-worker, who was just on assignment in New York a couple of weeks back, was raving about Shake Shack.  The co-worker said it was better than In-n-Out.  Really?

And, the Powers that Be were in the Hunk's corner because there was a Shake Shack close to our hotel on 43rd (Westin).  Not even a full block away.

So, on our first day in Manhattan, we suited up, and met my in-laws for "breakfast" at the Shack.  Hey, it was 8 am in California.

I was loving the place already.  Upcycled tables made from old bowling lanes.  The vibe of the resto was upbeat.

Their menu was simple --- burgers, custard, hotdogs.  My sister-in-law raved about the custard, but I did not get to try it.

The wait was not bad since we got there soon after it opened (11 am).  I ordered a single ShackBurger with cheese.

This was what my in-laws ordered:

In the interest of research, here it is again.  Just in case you need a second look.  Zooming in a little closer for ya.

This is what the Hunk ordered (double ShackBurger).

I will concede that the burger is a strong competitor to our California staple - the In-n-Out cheeseburger.  The meat patty was full of flavor.

Here it is again.  Zoomed out a little.

The crazy cut fries were all right, but cannot compete with In-n-out's animal style fries.  Caramelized onions, cheese and thousand island dressing definitely elevate the ordinary potato to wicked, out of this world fries.

It's a good thing that we arrived soon after the restaurant opened.  By the time we finished our meal, there was a nice line outside.   This shows how popular this place is.

Off to the next cheeseburger adventure,

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