the Lease and Jones project

Week #41

A few months back I issued a creative challenge to the Hunk in my life.  I asked him if he wanted to join me in a new project for 2011.  The goal was for us to work together on a regular photography project and I would post the results of our efforts on my photoblog.  The gist of it was simple - one subject with each of us taking our best shot.

I had already started working on the banner for the project...

...but we were still working out the logistics, when we were "sidetracked" by our recent trip to New York.  We have yet to finalize the details.

While enjoying the view of the Manhattan skyline at the Brooklyn Bridge promenade, I took a few pictures, reminded the Hunk of our 2011 project, and asked him to take his best shot(s) of the bridge.

I was trying to replicate my Seattle Space Needle pictures, and put my camera on TV mode.  Here are the pictures I took:

I wanted to  capture the Manhattan skyline as it was without additional lighting.  I thought that this fairly captured what I saw and loved the interplay of the lights against the dark sky.

I also liked this shot of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Ethereal.  It was a relaxing night at the promenade and the kids were running around in their new Yankees hoodies in 50 degree cold weather.

The Hunk walked over to another side of the promenade and took his own shots.  I was happy with mine, until I saw these:

Geez, Louise!  Bathed in light, these pictures captured the scene so vividly.  For the record, these are straight out of the camera with no post-production in Photoshop.  He did not use a flash either.

Remind me never to issue a challenge to someone who majored in visual techniques for television.  I may need to rescind the challenge.  Or, add parameters.  Or, hire someone to take pictures for me.

I said it before, and I will say it again, Radio and Television grads are HOT.  Smokin' hot.

Happy weekend, folks!

Off to review photography techniques on YouTube,

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jmdfoto said...

It would be awesome if one of you guys took a video and one a photograph of a subject or an event. That would make for an interesting group project.

Did you use a tripod for the night shots?

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