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This past summer has been a little more subdued than previous ones.  This year, we took one major trip (Maui) at the beginning of the season and stayed local for the remaining summer months.  Our travel budget is totally wiped out, and we have one final trip for this year coming up (New York!).  I am happy to report that we saved a ton by opting for penny souvenirs instead of the usual tourist fare. 

We opt for these penny impressions when available.  The kids choose their design, put in the coins and crank the wheel.  The cost?  about $0.51 per kid.  That's it!

We've accumulated quite a few over the years, and here are some of our favorites:
 Oakland Science Center
Oakland, California

Jelly Belly Factory
Fairfield, California

Bonfante Gardens
Gilroy, California

Charles Schultz Museum
Santa Rosa, California

Yosemite National Park
Central California

Monte Carlo Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

M&M Store
Las Vegas, Nevada

Anaheim, California

Zeum Carousel
Yerba Buena Gardens
San Francisco, California

 South Lake Tahoe
California/Nevada border
The Tower of London
London, UK

Once in a while, we will go through our little box of souvenirs and talk about the trip.  My 3-year old likes talking about the giant trees we saw at Yosemite, and of course, the trains at Traintown.  My 9-year old talks about the M&M store in Vegas....  My favorite?  The one from the Tower of London - a trip with the Hunk where we saw the Crown Jewels and Beefeaters.


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