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Week #40
Last week, we wrote about the possibilities you can achieve by adding textures to a photograph or by simply using Photoshop actions.  Our very own Project 52 showcases many of our projects utilizing free textures from the web.

Over the last 9 months or so, we have amassed quite a few textural shots of our own.   We have photographed rocks, clouds, lights, and tree bark.  Even old chandeliers.

For example, we added the following textures to a picture of an old house...

...and came up with this baby:

From our texture collection:

bark from a 100+ year old tree

rusty metal from an abandoned naval base

rocks from our rock garden

Feel free to download or save these babies onto your desktop for your own use!  Click here for our tutorial on how to add texture.

Our gift to you and your Photoshop projects!

Happy weekend, everybody!

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