25,739 possibilities

Week #39

You can take a simple photo, add some texture, and presto - you have a new picture.

Here is an example - straight out of the camera - an old house in Northern California.  We love old houses, and this one caught our eye.

To make it a little bit more intriguing, I add my texture du jour:

But there are days when texture is not quite enough.  You want your final product to have that "x" factor. 

You could work the hard way and adjust your saturation, or add more "noise."  A little tweaking here and there. 

Then I discovered Photoshop Actions.  It rocked my world.  Brought new meaning to life.  Saved so much time I can wash and fold several more loads of laundry. 

Why create it, when someone else has already done if for you?  Click here for our roster of "go-to" textures and actions from the web.

Here is the same sample picture adjusted using free actions from the web or pre-loaded with the Photoshop CS3 software:

 PW Black and White

Pre-loaded Sepia Action on Photoshop CS3

PW 70s Action - I love this!

Some more versions created using our very own Photoshop concoctions/actions:

We call this one "Van Gogh-ified."

This one is "Rainy Day Desaturated."  Don't ask why - I can't explain it.
Maybe it reminded us to drab, dreary rainy days?

We call this "Cloudy Day." 
We use it to balance out pictures taken on, you guessed it, cloudy days.

 We call this one "Complicated."
It includes several layers of textures which we will feature next week!

Happy weekend, folks!

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