walking, sightseeing, and cheesecake

A day trip to San Francisco, where the Hunk and I took the kids for a little sight seeing and kid-friendly activities.  We also took in the sights on top of the Macy's building on Union Square, while we waited for our table at the Cheesecake Factory.

I was actually having a bad day because the Hunk made me walk 4 blocks from where we parked, and this meant that I was sweaty and hungry.  Sweat, a 20-minute wait, and low blood sugar do not make for a sweet and sensible mommy.  By the time our pager rang, my inner diva was front and center. 

The only thing that helped ease the pain was the promise of that Godiva chocolate cheesecake, and a visit to the Apple store on the way back.  Oh, and people watching also helps me calm down.  That and knowing that there is a Tiffany within a 1-mile radius.

Hunger notwithstanding, I always love the little trips we take - I love the sights, the food and just the general vibe of it all.  It does help considerably that all my favorite stores are within walking distance from this square.  I just needed to get my blood sugar back up, and get going. 

Holler if you love cheesecake!

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