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Week #37

Last week, I posted about our nice new gadget.  I got the chance to try out some shots from our backyard using our 35mm lens and the EF 12 extension tube.

The result?

A close up shot of dew on a sunflower bud from our very own garden.  I love this - and probably took 100 pictures of this baby.  See those tiny hairs on the bud?  For some reason, this picture gives me hope for the world.  It incites happy hopeful thoughts for Planet Earth.

This is a picture of a small flower buds on our persimmon tree.  We are looking forward to having lots and lots of persimmons in the next few months.  This will convert to persimmon bread, a nice green salad with diced persimmons, and juicy crisp persimmons for everyone on our block.

And then, because I have a son who is known to be obsessed with bugs and creepy crawlers, here is an insect up close and personal on one of our rosebuds.  The world is such an interesting place when you are able to capture the little (and no-so-little things) in life.

Here are the same pictures with a little bit of texture added:

Happy weekend, folks!

Loving our new lens/extension tube combination,

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